Magento2 Upgrades & Extensions

The realm of eCommerce is one of constant evolution, as is the Magento2 platform. We take the stress out of keeping your store up-to-date with all the latest patches and upgrades, leaving you free to focus on your business. Our Magento team can install, troubleshoot and create custom Magento2 extensions, expanding the functionality of your store.


It’s also important to avoid the risk of performing site upgrades yourself. The process is more complex than most realize and, if done badly, can result in buggy extensions and downtime for your store. Utilizing the real-world experience of our developers ensures a stress-free experience.
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We modify and build custom extensions that blend seamlessly into your store. When the time comes to patch or upgrade, our development team follows a specific set of best practices to ensure a smooth process for you and your customers.

Magento Extensions

We can recommend the best extensions to match your strategy. Our hands-on experience gives us extra insight into which extensions will work for you, as well as when a customized solution might be needed.

Upgrade to M2

When performing upgrades within the Magento platform, you aren’t just upgrading a store, but all the extensions and themes integrated into that store. Our team is expert at completing this complex process quickly and painlessly.

Patch Installation

Even patches released by the Magento team can cause issues on a store. We test these patches before releasing them to mitigate risk and ensure your store is kept safe and secure without interrupting your services.