Custom Magento Development

Our experienced Magento team has a history of building high-quality, custom developed features that combine your ideas with the Magento platform. We can help differentiate your store in competitive markets by creative new themes and extending the functionality Magento offers.


Coolblueweb understands that your business has unique needs and our developers, designers and strategists possess the skills to set you up for online success.
Work with us

Personalizing the Platform

Our certified Magento team has a history of success working with the Magento platform and is ready to help your store flourish. Our careful approach to development ensures we deliver excellent results every time.

Launch a Custom Store

Our base solution focuses on launching an initial version of your custom Magento Enterprise store as quickly as possible, with the most critical components in place. This method provides the most value for your budget.

Extension Integration and Development

We can recommend the best extensions to match your strategy. Our hands-on experience gives us extra insight into which extensions will work for you, as well as when a customized solution might be needed.


Speed Optimization

Our team makes sure you're utilizing the most effective optimization techniques. We combine our top methods for improving site speed, including a CDN, image optimization, asset minification, and full page caching.


Subscription Programs

Launching a subscription program, or a new subscription feature, comes with technical challenges. We know how to create solutions that automate processes, avoid common pitfalls, save time, and allow you to scale effectively.

Ongoing Support

The cbw team is there when you need us with ongoing support solutions that make sense. Whether you're looking to add a few new features, or are searching for a consultative relationship with a team of experienced developers, designers and strategists, our team is here to help.

Security Audits

Keep your store safe by addressing problems before they occur. Our team can audit your site to check for any vulnerabilities. If your store is hacked, our developers can work to locate the source and remove any malicious code.