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When the simple solutions aren’t cutting it, call in a team of specialists to bring the full strength and breadth of Magento to your online business. Whether you are launching a new store from the ground up or just need some additional support, our Magento developers are here to help.

Why use our Magento Development team? We’ll deliver better accuracy, accountability, communication, and quicker work than the competition.  All this from a local company that keeps your needs in mind

Magento Support

Take advantage of our quick response times and wealth of experience. Our support plans allow you to select the best match for your Magento store.

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Magento Services

As a full-service agency, we work with you to understand your goals, build the right features and integrations for your store and strategize the best moves for your business.

Custom Development

Create a personalized solution that meets your requirements and builds on the power of the Magento platform.

Extensions / Upgrades

Integrate the most effective extensions and stay on top of releases. We even hand-craft extensions for your store!


Capitalize on our years of eCommerce experience to plan the right approach for reaching your business objectives.

UX & Design

Modernize your store’s look and improve the customer shopping flow to increase overall sales.

Custom Magento Development

Our experienced Magento team has a history of building high-quality, custom developed features that combine your ideas with the Magento platform. We can help differentiate your store in competitive markets by creating new themes and extending the functionality Magento offers.


Coolblueweb understands that your business has unique needs and our developers, designers, and strategists possess the skills to set you up for online success

Personalizing the Platform

Our certified Magento team has a history of success working with the Magento platform and is ready to help your store flourish. Our careful approach to development ensures we deliver excellent results every time.

Launch a Custom Store

Our base solution focuses on launching an initial version of your custom Magento Enterprise store as quickly as possible, with the most critical components in place. This method provides the most value for your budget.

Extension Integration and Development

We can recommend the best extensions to match your strategy. Our hands-on experience gives us extra insight into which extensions will work for you, as well as when a customized solution might be needed.


Speed Optimization

Our team makes sure you're utilizing the most effective optimization techniques. We combine our top methods for improving site speed, including a CDN, image optimization, asset minification, and full page caching.

Subscription Programs

Launching a subscription program, or a new subscription feature, comes with technical challenges. We know how to create solutions that automate processes, avoid common pitfalls, save time, and allow you to scale effectively.

Ongoing Support

The cbw team is there when you need us with ongoing support solutions that make sense. Whether you're looking to add a few new features, or are searching for a consultative relationship with a team of experienced developers, designers and strategists, our team is here to help.

Security Audits

Keep your store safe by addressing problems before they occur. Our team can audit your site to check for any vulnerabilities. If your store is hacked, our developers can work to locate the source and remove any malicious code.

Magento2 Upgrades & Extensions

The realm of eCommerce is one of constant evolution, as is the Magento2 platform. We take the stress out of keeping your store up-to-date with all the latest patches and upgrades, leaving you free to focus on your business. Our Magento team can install, troubleshoot and create custom Magento2 extensions, expanding the functionality of your store.

It’s also important to avoid the risk of performing site upgrades yourself. The process is more complex than most realize and, if done badly, can result in buggy extensions and downtime for your store. Utilizing the real-world experience of our developers ensures a stress-free experience.

More to Magento

We modify and build custom extensions that blend seamlessly into your store. When the time comes to patch or upgrade, our development team follows a specific set of best practices to ensure a smooth process for you and your customers.

Magento Extensions

We can recommend the best extensions to match your strategy. Our hands-on experience gives us extra insight into which extensions will work for you, as well as when a customized solution might be needed.

Upgrade to M2

When performing upgrades within the Magento platform, you aren’t just upgrading a store, but all the extensions and themes integrated into that store. Our team is expert at completing this complex process quickly and painlessly.

Patch Installation

Even patches released by the Magento team can cause issues on a store. We test these patches before releasing them to mitigate risk and ensure your store is kept safe and secure without interrupting your services.

Strategy & Project

It’s more than just code for us. It’s about growing your business and serving your customers. As

partnered Magento developers and strategists, we take the time to understand your business’s

unique needs and decide how best to harness the power of Magento to meet those needs.


An Eye on the Future

When launching a new store or larger feature, our team works with you to create a tailored

roadmap for the execution of your business goals. This allows you to take full advantage of the

best that Magento has to offer, optimizing the platform and integrating custom solutions into your store.

Create a Scope

We meet to discuss your goals and constraints, allowing us to write a highly personalized scope and budget that creates a path to the fulfillment of your business objectives.

Plan Design & Development

The scope allows us to construct the steps to your project's completion, encouraging open communication and following industry best practices throughout each step.

Sprints to Launch

Our Magento team cycles through development and review periods called "Sprints" in order to execute and launch your final product according to plan.

WooCommerce UX

Magento Design & UX

Is the user experience on your website serving your goals? We evaluate how your visitors are interacting with your store and provide recommendations for both design-based and functional improvements.

Using a combination of best practices, modern design techniques and years of experience in the eCommerce industry, we provide a quality design that boosts conversion and gives your customers a superior experience.

A Better Experience

As a full-service agency, we have the tools to work with you to understand your goals, detail the most valuable UX and design updates and strategize the successful execution of those updates.

Targeted UX Review

We focus on one or more targeted areas of a Magento eCommerce store, analyzing each user interaction to provide real steps that will optimize your customers' experiences interacting with your site.

Design Refresh

Modernize your look with new style and layout designs. Our refresh strategies build on your current, base theme for Magento and create stronger branding and messaging, as well as encouraging conversion across your store or in specific areas.


Theme Design

Magento themes can be a great place to start, but when you want your store to really shine, consider offering your customers a custom-designed experience. Our team focuses on eCommerce best practices, ensuring a great look that converts.