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Magento likens your home page to a shop window. A homepage can be a great way to show off your products, brand identity and, when done properly, entice customers to explore further. Many times the homepage is the most visited portion of a website. It’s the page your customers will remember after they’ve left and they’re more likely to bookmark your homepage than any other page. The homepage is often the most linked page of a website.

As you can see, the importance of a strong homepage can’t be overemphasized.

Usability Considerations

The first thing you want to consider is the usability of your homepage, since that affects your ability to keep visitors on your website. A lot of different elements effect usability, but a few you might want to consider are:

  • Having your search box located somewhere that customers can easily find it.
  • Keeping your company name highly visible.
  • Placing the most important information at the top of the page.
  • Making sure there are clear paths for customers to find the information they’re looking for.
  • Choosing text sizes that denote the importance of the information presented.
  • Confirming your products are easily accessible.
  • Not crowding the homepage with too much conflicting information.
  • Having other people test your homepage for usability.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Because your homepage is at the top of your Magento site’s hierarchy, take advantage of its strength to rank for your most important, defining keywords. Look for places in your homepage where you can naturally include those keywords (and synonyms). Make sure to keep your keywords relevant.

It’s important to present all keywords and important information as text. If your content is embedded into a jpg, Google won’t be able to read it and you’ll lose your chance of ranking for those terms. Businesses also sometimes overlook the fact that their company name needs to be presented as text. Don’t just include it as an image file at the top of your page! Make sure it’s written elsewhere. You’ll also want to beware of overusing Flash. Google isn’t going to pick up on any information presented within a fancy Flash animation.

Managing Your Homepage

  • To edit your Magento homepage, login to the backend of your store and navigate to CMS > Pages.
    • All of your pages are listed out, along with their relevant information. You’ll see that one of the listed pages is marked as “home” in the URL key portion of the page. Click on that page.
      • Page Information: This is where you define your homepage, as well as the stores it applies to.

Home Page 1

      • The first portion of the page management system consists of the following fields:
        • “Page Title” (required)
        • “URL Key”
        • “Store View”
        • “Status”
      • Content: This section is where you can enter and edit the content for your homepage.

Home Page 2

        • To switch between editing in html and WYSIWYG, click on the Show / Hide Editor button.
      • Design: The design section allows you to make changes to the design and layout of your homepage. It contains the following sections:
        • Page Layout: The standard layout of your homepage.

Home Page 3

          • “Layout”
          • “Layout Update XML”
      • Custom Design: The custom design section allows you to set a customized design for your homepage and assign it a limited time period. This can be useful if you would like to promote a sale in your homepage design, or make seasonal changes.

Home Page 4

        • “Custom Design From”
        • “Custom Design To”
        • “Custom Theme”
        • “Custom Layout”
        • “Custom Layout Update XML”
      • Meta Data: This section helps out with your SEO considerations.

Home Page 5

        • “Keywords”
        • “Description”
  • Don’t forget to hit the Save Page button once you’ve completed any changes to your homepage.
  • You can also preview your edits by clicking the Preview link for your homepage once you’re back at Manage Pages.

Home Page 6

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