Trading Spaces, Maintaining Community

Written by Matt Mattice

In November of this past year, coolblueweb packed up and left a large space with several private offices and meeting rooms. At that point, we were used to having a few small game rooms, two large private restrooms, a sequestered hallway of doom for those who were less socially inclined, and plenty of spaces to spread out and break away.

After the move, we found ourselves a few blocks west at our current location on 1st Avenue. At the previous spot, we were essentially paying for a lot of empty space that we didn’t need. Even so, I felt some trepidation about moving to an office with the potential be more cramped.

During our first few weeks settling into our new digs, however, one revelation really struck me. It was a simple and somewhat trite realization, but I began to understand that the working space was inconsequential. I was still in a little island of desks with the same people as the last office. The mood, the camaraderie, the dynamic, and the heart was all totally unchanged. Like the Grinch realizing that Christmas isn’t about pantookas and whistles, the office move instantly reaffirmed that this company, and I’d wager most companies, are, at their core, a sum of the personalities and work-ethic of the folks who make them up.

In this age of off-the-wall and over-the-top office spaces, it’s easy to envy the slides, relaxation pods, and general Chuck-E-Cheese-ification of the modern tech office. Some might argue that these kinds of amenities are necessary to ease the stress of sometimes long and tedious workweeks that many tech employees sign up for. However, there is no number of bouncy castles or hanging egg chairs that can replace quality people and a friendly, dedicated workforce.

As we begin 2018, let’s all keep that in mind. Let’s appreciate the people around us, and move forward together. Let’s appreciate the bouncy castles, but remember that what really makes a company is the company.



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