Top Conferences for Developers

If you’re interested in the tech world, it’s important to stay on top of changes in the field and take advantage of opportunities to grow. A great way to do this is by attending some of the great conferences available to developers. Here’s a quick roundup of our top three conferences for those interested in technology and web development.

Rails Camp

Rails Camp isn’t your typical technical conference. It’s set in a new remote location each year and is totally off-grid, meaning no Wi-Fi or cell service. It’s like a weekend summer camp for geeks!

I’ve attended twice and each time it was truly a fun experience. The first one I attended was set in Stanislaus National Forest in California. There were smores by the campfire, games and a trip to a nearby lake.

The second Rails Camp I attended was at Stanley Lake, Idaho. I spent the weekend taking a dip in the lake, playing basketball and enjoying a long nap at the dock.

One of the key aspects I enjoy with conferences is the networking, which is why I truly enjoyed this conference. I met so many great people doing a lot of interesting things in the tech space.

Bonus there are a lot of Aussies that attend and they usually supply Tim Tams. Also, you don’t have to be a Rails developer to attend!

(Rails Camp 2015 – Photo Credit: Rails Camp USA West)

(Rails Camp 2016 – Photo Credit: Rails Camp USA West)

(Rails Camp 2016 – Photo Credit: Andrea Salkey)

Strange Loop

This conference is flat-out amazing! I attended in 2015 and wish that all conferences were like this. The talks were top notch, covering everything from Robots to Elm. There was so much diversity, due in part to their amazing diversity scholarship program which allowed me to attend. I was paired with a guide as a part of the program, which made me feel more at ease and not alone.

There was a women’s event at a local bowling alley, which was a blast, and after that there was a party at the City Museum, where I spent hours climbing and sliding down things.

I also enjoyed the fact that there was a Slack channel and wish that all conferences had one. It made it easy to find out about hallway talks that occurred and peer up with folks for lunch and dinner.

(Lamdaladies and Fastly Women’s Bowling Event – Photo Credit: Mike Bridge)


OSCON is great, with so many talks and workshops to choose from! I finally got a chance to try out an Arduino during a workshop and was ecstatic when I made my light blink. I also attended a few talks about security, which helped me out a lot when I ran up against security issues on the job.

The way OSCON sets up lunch is very interesting. They have tables with topics like “PHP” or “Women In Tech”, which made networking easier.

The expo hall was also too much fun with lots of arcade games allowing guests to unwind after talks.


Though attending a conference might seem intimidating, they are a great way to meet people in your field and add to your knowledge. I recommend trying it out!


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