Understanding Your Customers | Starting a Subscription Program, Part 2

This article is Part Two in our three-part series about Starting a Subscription Program.
Also check out: Part One: Define the Product and Part Three: Managing Growth.

When you’re running a subscription program, keeping customers becomes as important as finding new customers. Because of this, you can’t neglect the needs and desires of your existing subscribers.

One way of keeping your customers onboard is by offering rewards based on loyalty. Loyalty rewards can include any number of options:

  • Reward points for completing certain actions
  • Subscription savings for referrals
  • Gifts after specific milestones are passed
  • Savings based on social shares or product reviews
  • Special giveaways for subscription members
  • Status-based rewards, such as a thank you for joining a higher level or upping to a more frequent subscription
  • Free shipping for certain actions

Be creative! If you make being a subscriber seem unique, fun and profitable, you’ll keep your customers invested in the experience.

Beware of making customers feel like they’re riding an out-of-control train. They should feel as though they have a hand in their destiny, meaning they can cancel or make adjustments to their subscription when needed. Some programs like to make it difficult to unsubscribe, however, knowing they can quit easily will create a sense of security that keeps customers around.

Some programs have also done an excellent job creating a community for their subscribers. One of our clients, Funko Pop, is a great example of how to do this. Their subscribers are part of an exclusive club. They get to interact with each other, have conversations around their boxes and feel as though they’re part of something special. When you bring your subscribers into a community, it also means they’re more likely to spread the word about your service in real life and online. A happy customer is one of the best ambassadors for your brand.

Subscription programs have also found success creating gift options that can be sent to family and friends, or offering discounts when a client refers a new subscriber.

Keep in mind that your website needs to be responsive and mobile-friendly. While percentages dictate that the original program sign up will occur on desktop, customers expect to be able to manage their subscriptions on the go.

This should also go without saying, but it’s also worth mentioning that consistency in product quality is vitally important. The moment a customer suspects the quality of your products is dropping off, you run a higher risk of losing them.

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