SEO Considerations for Successful Blogging

Each time you publish a blog post you’re creating a new, searchable page for your website. Adding pages means more chances to draw potential customers to your site and introduce them to your company. Keeping a continuous stream of new content on your blog is also a proven way to boost your site’s Google rankings.

What are the keys to writing blog posts that rank well on search engines? We recommend keeping the following considerations in mind:

The Power of Keywordspencil

Blog posts allow you to focus on industry-specific keywords and write content centered on them. If you’re not sure what keywords you should be focusing on, take advantage of Google AdWords Keyword Planner. It provides information on the keywords people are searching for, as well as phrases related to your keywords and how competitive they are. However, beware of keyword stuffing. You don’t want to use the same phrase over and over again in your blog post. Instead, incorporate variations, synonyms and related information. Keep your writing natural. Google is smarter than many think when it comes to keyword stuffing.

For best SEO results, you want to make sure that you’re keeping each blog post focused on one keyword or idea. Too many and your main concept will lose its strength and rank lower in search results. Our article, Combining the Power of Keywords with Your Magento Store has a lot of additional information about how keywords work.

Writing Effective Titles

Keep your blog titles clear, catchy, simple, and direct. Use your targeted keyword or phrase in your title and try to visualize how that title will appear in search results. Titles with numbers or lists are often popular with searchers. For example: “5 Tips for Improving Your Blog’s SEO Ranking”.

Internal Links

When relevant, use your blog to link to important information on your website. You can also link to old blog entries when appropriate. Use descriptive text for your links instead of simple phrases like “click here”. This will give you better results with Google and with your readers.

External Links

Including links to informative and reliable external pages also helps increase your blog’s exposure and adds to the authority of your posts.

Using Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions often appear beneath your post title in search results. Your targeted keyword should be included in your post’s meta description, as well as simple, exciting text that describes the content of your post. Think of meta descriptions as a handshake or a pitch, inviting readers to learn more and join the discussion.

Including Images on Your Blog  

picturesIt’s a good idea to include high-quality images in your blog entries. The web is a visual environment and visitors react favorably to vibrant imagery.

However, don’t let the use of images replace text. High-quality, written content is what will increase your site’s ranking and ensure that you show up in numerous Google searches. Images should compliment your written content; they shouldn’t overpower or replace it.

You also want to optimize your images for the best possible search visibility. Google doesn’t read images, but it does read the alt text associated with those images. Be intentional about naming and explaining your images.

If you’re not sure what to blog about, we have a list of ideas here: Blog Entry Ideas for Your Magento Store.

SEO Don’ts

As a rule of thumb, if you’re dedicated to keeping your content unique and exciting, you shouldn’t be penalized by search engines. However, you do want to keep the following suggestions in mind when you’re creating copy for your website:

  • Don’t use duplicate content
  • Don’t write confusing page titles and headlines
  • Don’t embed important written content in images or flash animations
  • Don’t use vague language in your links
  • Don’t publish text taken from other websites
  • Don’t use hidden links or words on your website
  • Don’t stop adding new content
  • Don’t include too many different ideas on one page
  • Don’t use dirty tricks or shortcuts
  • Don’t overuse your keywords
  • Don’t waste your money on spammy, black hat SEO strategies or link farms
  • Don’t expect immediate results from new content

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