Increasing Access to Quixote, The World’s Finest Travel Pillows

Since 2001 Quixote has worked to create the best travel pillows on the market. Their products are famous for providing comfort and durability to casual and serious adventurers alike. Since its inception, the Travelite pillow has helped Quixote generate over a million dollars in sales.

Prior to working with coolblueweb, Quixote did have a website in place, but no storefront to sell products online. All their pillows were sold direct to retailers and through Amazon. With an ecommerce site, their goal was to reach out directly to hikers, backpackers, campers, and parents wanting comfortable pillows in their cars.

Quixote’s hope was for a clean site that would reflect the premium quality of their product. They had a strong brand offline and wanted it translated to the digital environment. They chose coolblueweb because of our online branding knowledge and our extensive experience creating ecommerce stores with Magento.


Logical and Creative Channels

Even though the online Travelite store was meant to be small, the focus on interconnectivity between products was very important. Quixote only carries ten basic pillows, but there are many add-on products related to those pillows. Because of this, upselling and cross-selling became very important. The company wanted to make sure they showcased accompanying pillowcases when customers explored the pillows on their site.

Quixote was also fairly new to the web, so they requested a high amount of personalized attention and training to help them get up to speed with new technologies and make educated decisions about their new website. They were very grateful for the amount of communication and the level of availability that coolblueweb provided.

Technologies Used:

  • integration
  • JavaScript
  • Magneto
  • PHP

A Beautiful Online Storefront
Because navigation was so important to Quixote, the end site is broken down by material, rather than product type. It demonstrates the way different fabrics are meant for different environments, creating a unique visual impression for each page. The site is inspired by the feeling of the apple brand, simple and streamlined, while allowing the product to provide the color for each page.

When presented with the finished design, Quixote’s response was ecstatic. They claimed that “These guys know what it takes to build a beautiful storefront. They took our offline branding and made it work for the web.”

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