JRS Biodiversity Foundation

Creating new strategies for building awareness of biological diversity.

Multiple Paths to Discovery

Clean, Easy and Modern

JRS Biodiversity Foundation builds awareness of biological diversity in order to promote and sustain life on earth. They were looking for an experienced team of WordPress developers who would be able to create a modern, sophisticated website, organizing their history of grants in an attractive manner, as well as creating hierarchies built on different subjects for more intuitive browsing.

“What was attractive about coolblueweb was that it had an in-house team. I felt that there was depth and breadth, not just a solo web programmer. At the same time, they were small enough to pay attention to my projects.”     -JRS Biodiversity Foundation


Layered navigation showcases JRS projects and grants to increase environmental awareness.


The best design creates simple solutions out of complex ideas.


Our team can expand and modernize your online presence.

A Global Outlook

We built a custom map WordPress plugin that allowed JRS to attach grants to a popular regions, showcasing the breadth and reach of their work. Visitors click on the portion of the map they are interested in learning about and are led to projects in that portion of the globe. The “Where we work” map is also a visual representation of the organization’s reach, allowing JRS to showcase the geographic location of their work.


Internal Tools for Organization

In addition to the full functionality of the JRS website, we created an internal site for board members allowing them to keep track of meetings and download pdfs of follow-up notes. The internal site echoes the design themes of the main website, but has its own, separate identity.

Reflecting the Mission

Through Simple and Natural Design

The new JRS Biodiversity website is clean and modern. It spotlights the diverse projects that JRS has been involved with in ways that are both attractive and user-friendly. Large amounts of data are presented intuitively and researchers looking for specific information on the foundation are certain to find it.

Flexible and Efficient

Another important feature of the site is that it is easy to manage and update. It can be run by one person and the foundation is able to continually add new information on grants, as well as keeping the news and blog portions of the site active. Fresh content keeps visitors coming back again and again and the website operates as a living, evolving representation of an impactful organization. The WordPress chassis also lets the foundation employ add-ins to seamlessly send any post into its social media channels. The combination of strong on page SEO, clear information and frequently added new content have helped increase both the site’s traffic and its Google ranking.

A Steady Stream of Visitors

Coolblueweb took the time to understand the specific requirements of a foundation and to figure out how best to showcase JRS’s achievements. They remained flexible to meet the corporation’s scheduling needs. Now JRS has a high-quality website which acts as another tool to spread knowledge and information on biodiversity.

“I feel that our new website and what we’re doing with it is supporting existing grantees and potential applications. We know it’s working and that’s what matters for us. We want people with great, creative ideas in our field to know that we’re here and what we do. With our new website, we now know that they’ll find us and get the information that they need. I know our audience is growing. We have a nice steady stream of visitors to the site. I’m very pleased with where we are.”      -JRS Biodiversity Foundation



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