Inspired Taste

Building speed and increasing traffic with a custom Google AMP plugin.

Applying Google AMP

The Perfect Recipe

Inspired Taste is a successful recipe-focused website created by husband and wife duo Adam and Joanne. The couple works together to create delicious and fun-to-make recipes to share with their followers through their website.

Inspired Taste came to coolblueweb hoping to make massive gains in their SEO (search engine optimization) by utilizing the tremendous opportunity presented by using Google AMP. Having great AMP pages requires following a specific set of rules for arranging content and code. Inspired Taste wanted to be on the cutting edge, but needed a technology partner who could meet their AMP vision. While there were a few other AMP plugins available, Inspired Taste’s unique needs and platform limitations required a custom solution to meet their needs.

First, what is Google AMP?

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an initiative backed by Google with the objective of making pages load more quickly for mobile devices. AMP allows key information on web pages to load four times faster than traditional, mobile-optimized pages. Put simply, AMP strips out all the extraneous copy and images on a webpage and delivers a simplified version to mobile users as quickly as possible.



A subset of HTML which allows the page to work with AMP JS & AMP Cache.


This library implements best performance practices and manages resource loading, ensuring pages load quickly.


AMP Cache serves cached AMP HTML pages with lightening speed and validates all AMP pages.

Cutting-Edge Development

Inspired Taste needed a solution that would properly organize key data for AMP and work with their existing methods of adding recipe content. Because AMP was a new initiative, and there were few use cases available within the recipe industry, our team worked to create a solution utilizing AMP’s API that fit with Inspired Taste’s specific goals.

Custom Plugin

Our team developed a custom plugin allowing Inspired Taste to easily manage their content from the WordPress admin and display a visually appealing recipe in the AMP format when viewed on handheld. From the Inspired Taste WordPress backend, Adam and Joanne can easily input key information like name, category, ingredients, prep and cook time, nutritional information, and more. From there, the plugin generates a responsive recipe page with all the necessary code to make it appear seamlessly on AMP.

Performance and Growth

A Triple Traffic Increase

The new custom plugin gave Inspired Taste state-of-the-art functionality catered to their specific platform and technology limitations. It also enabled them to improve the SEO of their site and see the gains they’d hoped for.

“Since deploying our custom plugin that your team designed our site traffic has tripled. As you know I watch our traffic very closely and I know the growth is due to us updating our recipes to a properly coded plugin. The new plugin is faster, more flexible and correctly expresses all of the information Google (and our readers) love. We have finally converted 100% of all our recipes and have gladly deleted Easy Recipe. Our growth directly correlates to converting our recipes.

The output is truly inspired code. There isn’t any team I would rather work with.”     – Adam Gallagher, Creator & Chef behind Inspired Taste


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