Game Textures

Introducing a new subscription service for their customers, but first, a switch from Magento to WooCommerce.

Graphics for Gamers

Game Textures has found a unique niche in its offering of downloadable video game background graphics for elite gamers. The company is well-known to their audience and highly-regarded in their craft.

The company knew they had a great product and came to our team at coolblueweb to help improve their eCommerce store and generate more consistent sales.


An in-depth technical & architecture planning phase helped coolblueweb pinpoint the perfect strategy.


The most popular eCommerce platform supports large membership programs


Billing, customer service & extra security layers were added to compliment a successful Membership Program

Building a Membership Program

While membership websites are great in theory, there are many steps involved to properly develop and execute them. Our WooCommerce team made several upgrades to the website, enabling it to support a membership program. These upgrades included building a fresh website on WooCommerce, integrating Recurly payment processing for monthly billing and tracking and adding extra security to protect downloadable products.

To improve the customer experience, our team integrated ZenDesk to capture customer service inquiries and suggestions for graphics. We also added more advanced search for Game Texture’s unique product attributes and customized favorited items list functionality.

Game Textures Pricing Table

Boosting Sales

Downloadable graphics can have lower price points when sold individually, however, when packaged into monthly plans, users benefit from greater access to a larger volume of products at a set price. Creating the option for monthly plans on the site enabled Game Textures to build an ongoing revenue stream to support creating new products & growing their company.

Game Textures also signed up for support services with coolblueweb, so they could maintain an ongoing relationship with our team of developers, designers and strategists to continue the evolution of their website.




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