Encourage Positive Customer Reviews

Getting online customer reviews can make or break a business. By implementing a plan to increase customer reviews, you will be able to identify your most satisfied clients and direct them to sites to share their positive experience with potential customers.

Encourage Positive Customer Reviews

  • Email: Send an email thanking your customer for their business and ask that they follow a link to the review site of your choice to share their experience with others online.
  • Incentivize: Offer your customers an incentive to review your site. If you have a customer base of largely repeat business, give a discount coupon or freebie with the submission of a review. Read our article for Creating a Promotion in Magento if you’re on the Magento platform and looking for ways to put together a promotion for your reviewers.
  • Publicize: Post positive reviews on your website, and include their source (i.e. Yelp, City Search, etc.) as testimonials and other customers may get the idea to follow suit.

Get Listed on Customer Review Sites

Before you can direct customers to review your business, you must be first listed. There now are thousands of places on the web to list your business and get reviewed. If you are unsure where to begin, start by registering your business with these ten, popular customer review avenues:

1. Google Maps
2. Yahoo! Local
3. Bing
4. Yelp
5. Yellow Pages
6. Citysearch
7. Kudzu
8. Hotfrog
9. insiderpages

Bonus Benefit to Online Customer Reviews

Getting reviews will not only boost your reputation online, but will also help your business rank better in the local mapped listing results on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Make the most of your effort to increase customer reviews and improve search engine standing by doing the following:

  • Variety: Direct customers to review your business from a variety of online review sites, not just one or two. Taking this approach will allow you to reach a wider audience and you will score extra points with the search engines for getting reviews from multiple locations.
  • Timing: If you are actively seeking to increase customer reviews, don’t encourage them all at once. If your business currently only has a couple of reviews and all of a sudden you push your past and present clients to voice their opinions and their reviews are all posted around the same time, the search engines may deem these reviews artificial and the boost you should receive from increasing customer reviews could be ignored.

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