Magento2 Meetup Notes

Included below are Jonathan’s notes from our Magento2 meetup where we went through expectations for the big Magento2 release. The event was hosted by coolblueweb and brought in developers from across Seattle to share beer and ideas. It was great hanging out with other Magento enthusiasts!

Magento2 Release Calendar

  • March 2015: Developer Beta
  • September 2015: Merchant Beta
  • December 2015: General Availability

Should I encourage my clients to upgrade?

It’s important to understand that upgrading a Magento site means that you’ll have to do a complete rebuild. Consider why your client wants to upgrade and whether the return on investment will be worth it for them. We recommend waiting until 2.1.1 to perform upgrades.

But what if I really want to?

Magento will provide database migration tools, but the migration tools are only going to work for core data. Any extensions will have to be repurchased or rebuilt.

What about new builds for startups?

We recommend going for it at 2.0.1. Magento2 might be an option if you’re working with simple catalogs and normal sales processes.

Are you interested in attending future development meetups with the coolblueweb team? We’ve got a Laravel Meetup happening soon. You can also keep an eye on Jonathan Martin for future events. He’s always up to something!



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