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Written by Sean Flannigan

magento tutorial

Magento is a big and powerful eCommerce platform with huge potential for your online store. Understanding how to use it isn’t exactly like riding a bike. More like figuring out how to drive an 18-wheeler. Great utility but so much to consider while operating. This is why we’ve created these Magento tutorials  – to dig through and demystify the particulars of driving your Magento store.

Settings & Options in Magento

To get your store up and running, it is important to manage the basics. Do you need a multisite? What are attributes? How do I optimize my site for search engines? Start here.

Magento Pricing Settings

In order to make your site work smoothly, it is super important that you nail down exactly how things are priced on the high level, before you get down into the products.

Magento Product Management

The reason you built the store in the first place – products. Look no further for your questions regarding setting up different types of products and each product particulars.

Magento Resources

We’ve been writing about Magento for years, and we will continue for years to come. Watch here for various resources in the Magento realm.

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