Ping Pong Time: Keeping it Cool with Our New Toy

It’s no secret that the coolblueweb developers are big fans of pool. When we moved into our Pioneer Square office a little over a year ago, the first addition to the new space was a big, shiny pool table. Now, whenever one of our team members is stuck on a difficult problem, they step away, play a game of pool, and return to their computers refreshed.

But, there’s more to life than pool.

We received a new cover for our pool table today. Emily, our executive assistant, ordered the cover to convert our treasured pool table into a conference table where we can gather for training sessions. Our internal training sessions ensure that each developer on our team has a wide knowledge base to better serve our clients. The table is going to be a great, practical tool for us.

But, it also doubles as a ping pong table. That’s right. Ping pong. We’re all very excited about the possibilities. Right now it looks like the development team has the advantage with their powerful backspins, but don’t underestimate the marketing team’s blocking abilities.

Chase takes a shot
Emily checks to make sure everything is aligned

Our plan is to be the best web development company in Seattle with the tightest ping pong skills.



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