Increase Conversions with Related Products, Cross-sells and Up-sells in Magento

Updated 11/7/2016: The information in this article is accurate through Magento 1.9. Magento 2 performs these actions differently. Please contact us for questions.

The Magento platform provides store owners with multiple ways to promote their products. Visitors to your website might look for one, specific item, or they might want to explore your entire catalog. Either way, utilizing the power of related products, cross-sells and up-sells can increase your conversion rates and total profits. The best part? It’s free and you don’t even have to break a sweat.

  • Up-sells – An up-sell is a product that is a little nicer than the item your customer is currently looking at. It might be a camera with more features, a television with higher resolution or a fancier pair of shoes. A successful up-sell talks a customer into an item with a higher price or profit margin, increasing the value of the sale.
  • Related Products – Related products show up on the product page as additions to the item your customer is currently considering. The goal is to get customers to purchase them as an accompaniment. For example: a leather cover for an ebook, a headband to match a fancy dress or a selection of teas to go with a hand-painted teapot. Related products normally display with a checkbox so that customers can check the box to add them to their shopping cart. (This is true unless the product is configurable. Configurable attributes must be defined before the checkbox can be used.)
  • Cross-sells – Cross-sells are products that appear on the same page as the shopping cart. When customers view their carts, they see a range of items recommended as cross-sells for the items already in the cart. Think of cross-sells as last minute impulse buys, the stick of gum or lip balm you grab as you walk through the check-out line at the drug store.

Though the terms “Up-sell”, “Related Products” and Cross-sells” are used consistently throughout the backend of your Magento store, that doesn’t mean that you have to present them to customers under those words. You might have better luck using a term like “Complete your look” or “Other customers liked”. Use verbiage that fits with the mood and tone of your store.

Other suggestions:

  • “Recommended products”
  • “Must haves”
  • “Customers who bought this item also bought”
  • “More items from (artist, author, brand)”

The most successful strategies are ones where the labels explain why particular products are being recommended. When customers can see the relationship between the product they’re viewing and the products you’re showing them, they’re far more likely to respond.

Using the separate merchandising zones as intended can also be helpful for tracking the success of your up-sells, related products and cross-sells. You can take a close look at which strategies are most successful and which can still use some tweaking. Are customers responding better to up-sells, or are they more likely to add additional items to their cart?

Adding up-sells to a product:

  • Go to Catalog > Manage Products and click on the product you want to add up-sells to.
    • Click the Up-sells tab

upsells 1

    • You’ll see a grid of the various products in your store. Check the boxes of the items you would like to use as up-sells.

upsells 2

    • Once you’ve checked a box, you’ll see that a position field opens up. If you would like to control the order in which the up-sells appear, this is where you can do it.
  • Save!

If you visit the front end of your store, you’ll see that the products you selected as up-sells now appear at the bottom of your product page. (Please note: depending on your store’s design, this might appear differently on your product page.)

upsells 3

Adding related items to a product:

The process for adding related products to a product is similar to how you added up-sells, except you want to click on the related products tab instead of the up-sell tab. Otherwise, everything should look very familiar to you.

Don’t forget to Save!

On the front end of your store you’ll see that related products display on the right side of your product.

upsells 4

Adding cross-sells to a product:

The Cross-sells tab is beneath the Up-sells tab when you are managing your product.

Make sure you save your changes!

The cross-sells won’t show up on the product page the same way that up-sells and related products did. To view them, you’ll have to put the product in your shopping cart. Then, the cross-sells show up as last minute, recommended items.

upsells 5

Up-sells, Related Products and Cross-sells not showing up?

  • Go to System > Index Management
    • Check all the boxes on this page
    • In the Actions field choose Reindex Data and click the Submit button


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