HTTP vs HTTPS: Make The Switch Today [INFOGRAPHIC]

Written by coolblueweb

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From security to search engine ranking, from speed to customer trust, there is no reason for your website to remain on HTTP.

None at all. Nada.

Without HTTPS, any data passing through your website is not secure. If that doesn’t scare you, then it will scare your customers (and Google is making sure of it).

Starting in July, Google warns, Chrome will mark any HTTP sites as “not secure”.  This can have a chilling effect on an online store’s traffic.

But there has to be a downside to HTTPS, right? Well, making the switch from HTTP to HTTPS can be tricky, especially for larger websites. We recommend that an experienced team handle the move, in order to minimize downtime, potential bugs, or any resulting negative SEO.

Here at coolblueweb, we handle the move to HTTPS for our clients to make sure the process is smooth and bug-free.

We have created an infographic to explain what HTTPS is and why is it so important.

If you have any questions, or would like to make the switch over to HTTPS contact us today at [email protected]!

http-vs-https Infographic

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