How to Fine-Tune Checkout to Increase Order Value


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Our Customer Experience Series applies user experience research and design methods to improving eCommerce sales. By focusing on the person shopping on their eCommerce store, owners can make continuous improvements to improve the shopping experience and increase sales numbers.

The Business Goal: Increase Average Order Value

For many years, online merchants have been told to show customers relevant products at checkout to help support the ultimate goal of increasing Average Order Value. A quick way to determine a store’s Average Order Value (AOV) is to divide total revenue by the number of orders. The belief behind this advice is that if a customer sees relevant products after adding an item to their cart they have a higher probability of buying more.

However, not all methods of showing relevant products produce the same results.

What customers want at checkout

Customer experience focuses on the next steps a customer needs/wants to take or the questions a customer has after completing specific actions. After adding an item to their cart, a customer’s next steps should be clear and easily accessible. The customer should also be able to complete those steps in as few clicks as possible.

Customers want to know:

  • Did I add the correct item to my cart? Are the size, color, quantity, and price accurate?
  • Am I able to keep shopping or go on to checkout without difficulty?
  • Can I see other similar products that I might want to buy with as little searching as possible?

What you can do

When a customer adds an item to their cart they should immediately see the answers to the questions listed above.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Direct the customer to a success page
  2. Display a modal window (pop-up)

Their page or modal should display:

  • The item added to the cart with quick product details
  • Related and cross sell options
  • The option to go directly to checkout OR back to the category page to continue shopping
Success page example vs. Modal example
feedback success page examplefeedback modal example

Getting started

Are you ready to increase your store’s current Average Order Value? Our team can use the methods described above, as well as additional checkout best practices to help you boost your AOV. Contact us at [email protected] to get started.

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