ECommerce Trend Spotting at This Year’s IRCE Event

booth-bryan-jonathancoolblueweb CEO, Jonathan Martin and Director of Solutions Bryan Littlefield at the coolblueweb booth

Members of the coolblueweb team returned to our Seattle office this week after an awesome experience at IRCE, the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition, in Chicago.

Should store owners attend next year?

Yes! We’ve already reserved our spot and would love to connect. With over 10,000 attendees focused on eCommerce, IRCE is an excellent event to interact with and discover new ideas and solutions to help grow a store.

At the event, attendees can also get to peek behind the curtain of some of the larger technology platforms including Magento and WooCommerce, network with fellow business owners and hang out with our amazing team.

coolblueweb-woocommercecoolblueweb and WooCommerce teams

Top Trend: Back to Basics

Our team saw an increase in providers at this year’s event around fraud protection, shipping/fulfillment services and product management. While some may find these areas a little less exciting than building the next new feature, they are essential building blocks to a strong and efficient store. Plus, as stores grow, each of these areas may need to shift and be improved upon to match more complex business requirements.

Fraud Protection
Keeping customers’ information safe and having a high business reputation for security are vital aspects to any store. We noticed a lot of new companies in the fraud protection space and always recommend doing additional research before signing up. We’re happy to review possible services and work on a seamless store integration.

Shipping & Fulfillment Solutions
We’ve written before how customers expectations for fast, low-cost shipping are increasing. That reason may be why we also saw a growing number of shipping and fulfillment services at the event. Business requirements around fulfillment can get very specialized and creating a flow to automate as many of these processes as possible can help keep costs down. Coolblueweb recommends ShipStation as a great solution that’s very customizable.

Product Information Management
Our favorite product we found at the event was an Open Source Product Information Management (PIM) system by a company called Akeneo. As stores expand their product channel distribution, tracking these items can become difficult to manage. Akeneo is a unique solution that manages products from within its system and sends and receives product information with various channels. The Open Source part of the product is especially intriguing for our development team. With Open Source, the code is open for developers to contribute to and be part of additional solutions to improve the system and built to be highly customizable.

Looking for a specific solution?
If you have found or are looking for a specific type of integration, our team can help evaluate options and determine which integrations will be a good fit for your platform and business requirements. Contact us at [email protected] to get started.

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