Drive Traffic to Your Magento Store with Blogger Outreach

Drive Traffic to your Magento store banner

You’ve heard the formula before: Optimize your website, create original content and then the traffic and sales will come pouring in. While ranking well in search engine results can help bring more potential customers to your website, focusing only on improving your rankings can distract you from your real goal of reaching potential customers when they’re ready to purchase.

Luckily for Magento store owners, using an alternative marketing strategy like blogger outreach, can help you do both. This strategy has worked well for coolblue clients in the past; give it a try and see if it helps improve your conversion rate.

Get Serious about Blogger Outreach

One of SEO’s main principles is to cultivate links to your website from relevant, keyword-rich sources. One of the most powerful (and inexpensive) ways to earn these backlinks is by reaching out to your industry’s blogging community.

Reviews and links on these blogs have the dual benefit of helping you improve your rankings and driving visitors who are already interested in your products to your site. Best of all, initiating them can be as inexpensive as sending a blogger a sample of your product to review.

Are you looking for ways to get started?

  1. Figure out your industry. While this might seem straightforward, it’s important to clearly articulate what you do and who your audience is. Doing so can help focus your marketing efforts.
  2. Generate a list of bloggers. Seek out the popular trendsetters, as well as the smaller scale bloggers with loyal followings. If you think your industry couldn’t possibly have a blogging community behind it, start Googling. If there isn’t someone directly related to your industry, there’s bound to be a blogger closely related to it.
  3. Put together an introduction email. Introduce your company and your product. Offer to send them a sample for their review. Don’t worry if you don’t hear back immediately by everyone you contact. Bloggers can get hundreds of messages each day, so try to make your email as personalized and friendly as possible.
  4. Keep your list of bloggers updated. Your outreach efforts don’t have to be a one-time campaign. In fact, continued outreach can help grow your traffic over the long-term. Keep track of changes in your industry’s blogging community and keep reaching out to bloggers. Aside from any marketing value achieved, keeping up with industry blogs is a great way for you to stay on top of your industry’s trends and changes.

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