A Portrayal of Comfort and Trust for Down to Earth Doulas

Down to Earth Doulas is a local company that offers birthing support at home, birth centers and hospitals in the Seattle area. They also provide in-home encouragement for parents after the arrival of their child.

Prior to contacting coolblueweb, the doulas had a simple, four page website in place. However, it was inconsistent with their brand. They wanted a new site that would not only provide visitors with a sense of comfort and trust, but also give their target customers, females 25-40, a sense of community. The doulas wanted to be able to update the content on their site in order to share success stories and demonstrate the fact that they were active within the community.

In selecting their web developers, Down to Earth Doulas visited with several different companies. They found that the company who was most willing to listen to their ideas and do the work of understanding their profession was coolblueweb.

Down to Earth Doulas

Portraying a Growing Industry

In creating the doulas’ website, we integrated WordPress as a full content management system, instead of merely a blog. Our WordPress skills were very useful in creating a dynamic website that could be updated by Down to Earth Doulas without technical support.

We also worked with the doulas to understand the current vision of their brand and figure out fun and unique ways to depict their company online.

Technologies Used:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Social Integration
  • WordPress

New Possibilities
Down to Earth Doulas’ final site features rotating testimonials, a blog with the ability to comment and a contact form. It also boasts an intuitive system that the doulas can update without assistance. Visitors to the site are delighted by its comforting and whimsical design.

The doulas were very pleased with our services. Not only did we build them an organic-looking website to match the feel of their brand, but we “took their business to the next level”. After the launch of the new site, the doulas’ business clientele increased to the point where they were booked out far in advance and actually had to turn people away.

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