Coolblueweb makes our Vistage Executive Summit Debut!

Vistage is a well-respected leadership coaching and peer advisory group with branches across the US. Their conferences offer ample resources and inspiration for CEOs and Executives, offering them with support and assistance in clarifying their greater visions.

The coolblueweb team was honored to make our first appearance with a booth at the Vistage Executive Summit in Seattle this May. The theme of the event was Leading Innovation, with presentations and sessions from notable business leaders. The cbw team got to speak with leaders in all industries, learn from inspiring speakers and share the coolblue mission with our local business community.

coolblueweb vistage summit
Paula chills out at the coolblueweb booth.

Here are a few memorable quotes from Dale Partridge, Entrepreneur and Summit Speaker, to get you thinking:

 “Tell the truth, even when it hurts.”

“We’re all homesick for a version of capitalism that we can trust.”

“It is still the art of war. We just need to swing the pendulum.”

If you’d like more quotes and tidbits from the Vistage Executive Summit, we live-tweeted the whole event from our twitter handle: coolblueweb. There’s lots of other fun stuff on there worth checking out.

coolblueweb vistage conference
Emily and Bryan get ready to talk with Vistage attendees.

Our team had a great time at the Summit and we’re eagerly looking forward to next year’s event. Thought, things did get a bit silly…

Silly Vistage coolblueweb
The team gets a bit loopy and hi-jinks ensue.

Want to learn more about Vistage? Check out their website at: Vistage.



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