Choosing the Best WooCommerce Theme

With thousands of WordPress themes to choose from, it’s important to select one that is the right fit. While themes can be customized with alternate looks and functionality, starting with a high-quality theme will save a lot of time, money and energy.

What to consider when selecting a theme

Check WooCommerce Compatibility
Not all WordPress themes work well with WooCommerce. There are themes built for WordPress, themes built for WordPress that will work with WooCommerce and then there are themes designed specifically for WooCommerce. Even themes that claim to be compatible with WooCommerce might be built with an emphasis on WordPress blogging, rather than WooCommerce selling. Check that the theme is both compatible with WooCommerce and, if possible, focuses on WooCommerce.

Set Requirements
Store owners should start with an exact understanding of how they want their store to look and what they need it to do, as well as what their priorities are. If themes don’t match exact requirements, plugins and custom programming allow store owners to add functionality lacking in a theme.

Start Small
Some themes have so many features that they can slow down a store. While it may be tempting for store owners to choose a theme that can do it all, with options for every type of customization available, these themes can be heavy and become more overwhelming than helpful. Store owners should weigh themes against their specific requirements to find a good match.

Read Reviews
Theme sellers usually include testimonials on their own websites, however these reviews are filtered. Sites like Themeforest include all purchaser reviews and have most themes available to purchase. In addition to making sure a theme is highly-rated, a store owner should read through the comments and check for any feedback that relates to their own store.

Research Available Support and Responses
It’s certain that questions will arise about a theme after implementation. Check how the theme supports customers after their purchases. If there is an open forum for customer questions and responses, review how the theme maker responds to customers seeking help. Things to watch out for include: taking a long time to respond or offering answers that aren’t helpful.

Check for Frequent Updates
WooCommerce is updated regularly. The theme should mention which version of WooCommerce it supports and the supported version should be the most recent. If a theme hasn’t been updated in several months, or even years, it may have features that are no longer compatible with WooCommerce.

If you’re a Woo user, we also recommend our article What’s New in WooCommerce 3.0 so you can make an informed decision about when to upgrade.

A few of coolblueweb’s top themes:

Storefront is built and updated by the team at WooCommerce, so it always has the latest improvements built in. It’s also designed to be easily extensible and has even more child themes powered by the same backend than the original version. Storefront is also built to be a fast-loading theme.

Bootstrap and Foundation are two themes built from incredibly popular frameworks for creating custom web applications. While the themes might appear light on design, they are built to develop custom-designed themes. In addition, the themes are highly-focused around responsiveness and use a grid-based system to work across multiple size browsers and devices.

Avada is one of our clients’ favorites. With hundreds of combinations of pre-designed, content sections, this theme has lots of options and is still created with WooCommerce in mind. There are multiple looks and content types that the theme offers in a user-friendly way.

Want to keep reading? Check out 9 Ways to Make Your WooCommerce Store More Secure. If you’d like some help tweaking your WooCommerce theme, please feel free to get in touch at [email protected].

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