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shopify to magento migration

How to Migrate Your Shopify Store to Magento

Shopify and Magento are two of the most well-rounded and popular eCommerce platforms on the market today, with the former excelling in the middle ground...

By coolblueweb

Magento, Web Development

What is Magento?

If an eCommerce expert suggests that you use Magento for your online store, your first question, rightly, might be “What is Magento?” Good question! After learning more about...

By Sean Flannigan

Magento, Web Development, eCommerce Strategy
Best eCommerce Marketing Podcasts

22 Best eCommerce and Marketing Podcasts for 2018

There are more than 500,000 podcasts out there. While a big chunk of them exist purely for entertainment purposes, many of the best marketing podcasts...

By Sean Flannigan

Marketing, WooCommerce, Web Development, eCommerce Strategy
WooCommerce WordPress org

31 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Make Your Store Hum

WooCommerce plugins can add a great deal of speed, efficiency, and visual appeal to your online store. These qualities can make yours the store which...

By Sean Flannigan

Marketing, WooCommerce, Web Development, eCommerce Strategy
http vs https banner

HTTP vs HTTPS: Make The Switch Today [INFOGRAPHIC]

From security to search engine ranking, from speed to customer trust, there is no reason for your website to remain on HTTP. None at all. Nada. Without HTTPS,...

By coolblueweb

SEO, Web Development, Process, eCommerce Strategy

Why Patch? A Guide for Magento Users

What is a Patch? “Patch” is software terminology for chunks of code installed on top of your software’s existing code in order to update the software...

By Chase Woith

Magento, Web Development, Process

How To Change Your Website Hosting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Switching hosting providers can be a complicated process. Before the process begins, there are many boxes to tick off, starting with selecting a new hosting...

By coolblueweb

Web Development, Process

What is a Staging Environment? [INFOGRAPHIC]

"Staging site", "development site" and "deployment environment". These are all different terms referencing the same thing. So, what is it? In the simplest of terms, a staging...

By coolblueweb

Web Development, Process

Developers and Dragons: Slaying Bugbears with Agile Workflow

The hulking bugbear brought down his maul a final time, dashing the head of the party’s last-best hope against the jagged wall of the cavern....

By Matt Mattice

coolblueweb, Web Development, Process, eCommerce Strategy

Adding a Customer Attribute Programmatically in Magento 2

Store admins often need more specific information about their customers than Magento offers by default. Here we'll outline the steps to add a new customer...

By Andy Ace

Magento, Web Development


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