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best free stock photos sites

25 Incredible Sites for the Best Free Stock Photos

Really great photos can exemplify the content with which you pair it. Taking photos is great, but time-consuming. If only there were sites full of...

By Sean Flannigan

Web Design, Marketing

Why Customers Spend More When a Store has a “Save for Later” Option

  coolblueweb Customer Experience Series Our Customer Experience Series applies user experience research and design methods to improving eCommerce sales. By focusing on the person shopping on...

By Kat Garsi

Web Design, eCommerce Strategy, User Experience

Powerpack: A Powerful New Tool for WooCommerce

With the recent release of Powerpack, personalizing the look and feel of WooCommerce just got much easier. A plugin built by the experts at WooCommerce,...

By coolblueweb

Web Design, WooCommerce, Web Development

Magento Product Images: Everything You Wanted To Know

The importance of effective product photography can’t be overstated. When customers shop online, they generally experience a high level of convenience, but lose out on...

By Sarah Lofgren

Web Design, Magento

Watermarking Product Images in Magento

It’s frustrating to put in the time and expense of creating original imagery for your online store, only to have competitors swoop in and steal...

By Sarah Lofgren

Web Design, Magento

Seattle Creative Director: Bryan Littlefield

Bryan Littlefield, a Michigan native, is coolblueweb's talented Creative Director. After graduating from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts and...

By Sarah Lofgren

Web Design, coolblueweb

The Importance of Landing Page Optimization

What is Landing Page Optimization? A landing page is where visitors go when they click on your link or ad. When you optimize your landing page,...

By Jonathan Martin

Web Design


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