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Lessons in eCommerce From the Noble Sea Otter

Sarah Lofgren

In honor of Sea Otter Awareness Week We love otters at the cbw office. They’re smart, they’re curious and they’re adorable… what’s not to love? As...

The Social Side of Blogging: Join the Conversation

Sarah Lofgren

Everyone knows that the internet is a social place. One of the benefits of blogging is that it allows you to tap into that larger...

SEO Considerations for Successful Blogging

Sarah Lofgren

Each time you publish a blog post you’re creating a new, searchable page for your website. Adding pages means more chances to draw potential customers...

Keeping Your Content Writers on the Same Page

Sarah Lofgren

Once you’ve developed a voice for your company, it’s important to keep all your writers on the same page. Whether you’re planning on hiring freelancers...

Blog Entry Ideas for Your Magento Store

Sarah Lofgren

So, you know that blogging boosts your SEO and provides interesting and informative content to keep your customers coming back. You’ve set up your blog...

Drive Traffic to Your Magento Store with Blogger Outreach

Drive Traffic to your Magento store banner

Emily Doherty

You've heard the formula before: Optimize your website, create original content and then the traffic and sales will come pouring in. While ranking well in...


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