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Winning at Valentine’s Day: eCommerce Strategies

Sarah Lofgren

A lot of people have a complicated relationship with Valentine's Day. It can be difficult knowing what gift to buy in the best of circumstances,...

Striving for Success in eCommerce SEO


Take your search engine rankings up a notch with these trending strategies. This is the best time to focus on increasing the overall user experience...

11 Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales by Improving Checkout

Emily Doherty

Optimizing checkout ensures your customers receive a positive shopping experience and get through the cart to complete their sale. Streamlined design, functionality, and trust play...

Lessons in eCommerce From the Noble Sea Otter

Sarah Lofgren

In honor of Sea Otter Awareness Week We love otters at the cbw office. They’re smart, they’re curious and they’re adorable… what’s not to love? As...

3 Tips for Successful Conversion Rate Optimization

Jonathan Martin

We are going to kick off a set of tips for optimizing the conversion rate of an eCommerce store. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is not...

Ecommerce SEO: Keeping Results After a Relaunch

Jonathan Martin

For most companies, having great eCommerce SEO (search engine optimization) is an important component of their traffic plan. Launching a brand-new site is different than...

Marketing Steps | Holiday Prep Checklist for eCommerce Stores, Part 2

Sarah Lofgren

Summer is the time to get holiday marketing plans in place, so you aren’t winging your campaign when fall hits. Not sure where to start?...

Tips for Creating the Perfect Ecommerce Landing Page

Sarah Lofgren

ECommerce stores use landing pages as a focused method of converting visitors. Landing pages need to be able to accomplish several things at once, including...

Top Tips to Take Better Product Photos

Sarah Benton

Product images on an eCommerce store can make the difference between a customer choosing to make a purchase or leaving a site. The human eye...

The Social Side of Blogging: Join the Conversation

Sarah Lofgren

Everyone knows that the internet is a social place. One of the benefits of blogging is that it allows you to tap into that larger...


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