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Personalizing Your Email Templates with Magento

Sarah Lofgren

Magento gives you the option to automatically keep in touch with your customers when they undergo certain activities within your site, such as subscribing to...

Adding a CMS Page to Your Magento Store

Sarah Lofgren

CMS (Content Management System) Pages are the static pages on your e-commerce store. Normally they include the Homepage, About Us, Terms and Conditions, etc. Each...

Product Reviews and Ratings in Magento

Sarah Lofgren

Your customers place a lot of value in the opinions and experiences of their fellow consumers. Positive testimonials from satisfied customers will add to your...

Adding an Admin User to your Magento Account

Sarah Lofgren

One of the great things about Magento is that it gives you the option to add multiple users to your account, each with specific permissions...

Utilizing Magento’s Search Terms

Sarah Lofgren

If you have a store catalog with a fair amount of products, it’s beneficial for you to check out your search terms from time to...

All About Magento Polls

Sarah Lofgren

Polls are a great way to make your website interactive and to communicate with your customers in a fun and engaging way. Polls don’t take...

Managing Your Customers with Magento

Sarah Lofgren

Here you will learn all the ins and outs of managing the customers in your Magento store. Having a list of registered customers, as opposed...

Creating a Promotion in Magento (Shopping Cart Price Rules)

Sarah Lofgren

Smart online retailers know that utilizing the power of promotions is a great way to keep customers coming back again and again. Discounts can also...

Coolblueweb: Magento Partner

Sarah Lofgren

Coolblueweb is pleased to announce that our company has achieved the coveted status of Magento Bronze Solution Partner for the second year in a row. Why...

How to Manage Your Categories in Magento

Sarah Lofgren

Here you will find everything you need to know about organizing the categories within your Magento store. Having clear categories in a logical progression will...


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