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Category: eCommerce Strategy

How to Fine-Tune Checkout to Increase Order Value

Kat Garsi

  coolblueweb Customer Experience Series Our Customer Experience Series applies user experience research and design methods to improving eCommerce sales. By focusing on the person shopping on...

Built with Agile: How to Maximize Value During the Development Process

Brian Lange

It can be difficult to know what to expect when partnering with an agency that follows an agile approach to web development projects. It can...

5 eCommerce Trends to Expect in 2017

Sarah Lofgren

ECommerce is an evolving marketplace. As online shoppers become savvier and the marketplace becomes even more competitive, it’s important for merchants to understand what their...

Three Keys to Maximizing Store Growth by Breaking Brick and Mortar Rules


Today's consumers make a greater number of online purchases than ever before. A survey of 5,300 consumers by the United Postal Service and measurement company...

Supercharging your CTAs

Sarah Lofgren

CTA is web speak for Call to Action. What do CTAs do? They do exactly what they say they do – reach out to your...


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