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Category: Past Projects

Increasing Access to Quixote, The World’s Finest Travel Pillows

Sarah Lofgren

Since 2001 Quixote has worked to create the best travel pillows on the market. Their products are famous for providing comfort and durability to casual...

A Portrayal of Comfort and Trust for Down to Earth Doulas

Sarah Lofgren

Down to Earth Doulas is a local company that offers birthing support at home, birth centers and hospitals in the Seattle area. They also provide...

Building a Store for Wasp Safety’s Thousands of Products

Sarah Lofgren

Focusing primarily on industrial applications and construction job sites, Western Safety has sold safety supplies nationally and internationally for over 20 years. Their original site...

Showcasing the Elegance of Lakeville Homes

Sarah Lofgren

An Award-winning home building and remodeling company, Lakeville Homes has been exceeding the expectations of customers in the Seattle area for over 25 years. Their...

An Online Presence for Blueprint Capital

Sarah Lofgren

The preeminent residential construction lender in Seattle, Blueprint Capital helps home builders source properties, design homes and finance the ultimate construction of those homes. Prior...

Bringing Visiblity and Easy Updates to JW Cabinetry

Sarah Lofgren

JW Cabinetry is the brainchild of James Wanamaker, a Seattle area builder dedicated to creating high-quality, custom cabinetry. Since the company’s inception in 2009, JW...


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