Blog Entry Ideas for Your Magento Store

So, you know that blogging boosts your SEO and provides interesting and informative content to keep your customers coming back. You’ve set up your blog and maybe you’ve even written a few entries. The problem is, after a while you start to lose interest, or begin running out of ideas. You aren’t the only one. There are millions of discarded blogs all over the internet. Don’t let your blog join their ranks! Here are a few ideas to keep your blog moving when your ideas start running out.

  1. Customer profiles: Is one of your customers using your product in an interesting and unique way? Shine a little light in their direction! Use some of the space in your blog to show what they’re up to and how it is working for them. Maybe you’ll give your other customers some new ideas!
  2. Fun details: Your blog is a great way to put a face to your company. Illustrate a few of the exciting details that make your business work. Did you just buy a new sign for your business? Change locations? Make a fancy new update to your website? Create an entry around it! Customers enjoy getting the inside scoop on who you are and what you’re up to.
  3. Tips: Are your customers always asking you the trick for keeping their new blue jeans blue? Do they always want to know the best knitting needles for their new yarn or the best way to store that handsaw they just bought? Create an entry around it! Writing informational entries is a great way to get people to your site and to offer them something of value. Not sure what to write? Think of each entry as an opportunity to dig in depth on a FAQ.
  4. Industry information: Prove that you’re well informed and keep your customers plugged in by writing entries on the latest advances in your industry. Profile artists or entrepreneurs making a splash in the area, or do a write-up on the latest convention you attended, as well as any ideas presented. Is an article getting a lot of attention? Give your take!
  5. Product profiles: Choose one of your products and explain why it’s cool. Go in depth in ways that product pages don’t allow you to. Maybe show a few real-life photos of people interacting with the product, that give a casual and fun take on it. How long have you sold it? What positive feedback have you received? Is anyone using it in a new or interesting way?

A blog is more than just a way to increase your website’s ranking. It’s an opportunity to expand your business’s voice and take your place within the industry. Blogs build trust and loyalty, helping you develop long-lasting relationships with your customers.



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