Are You Making this Common Marketing Mistake with Your Magento Store?

Aside from performance and operational issues, the biggest mistake you can make as a Magento store owner is not using marketing resources to guide your strategy, especially Google Analytics.

Magento is one of the better eCommerce platforms available in terms of Search Engine Optimization. It handles a great deal of best practice optimizations out of the box and can give you a solid head start on your competition. But ranking well in search engines is only one side of the coin. Without tools to measure your progress and growth, you’re flying blind.

As Magento experts, we recommend that any Magento store owner install and utilize a number of key marketing and analytics tools. These tools can do everything from show you where your traffic is coming from and where you can improve, to encouraging Google to re-index your website after you make changes and monitor any errors its bots might find. The most important tool is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

If you don’t have Analytics installed on your website, make this your top priority. Analytics can give you a wealth of information to help you improve your site and attract more customers. With Analytics, you can see exactly which efforts are resulting in conversions, enabling you to better target potential customers.

Installing Analytics, including eCommerce tracking, is very simple.

  • Sign up for an Analytics account here.
  • Set up eCommerce Tracking in Analytics:
    • Click Admin
    • Go to Account > Property > View and select View Settings
    • Turn on tracking in the eCommerce Settings section
    • Click Save
  • Find your Analytics tracking ID. It should be a string formatted like UA-000000-01.
  • Switch to your Magento Admin Panel
  • In Configuration, go to Sales > Google API > Google Analytics, enter your tracking ID, enable and click Save.
  • Verify the tracking code is showing up on your frontend by viewing source and searching for your tracking ID.
  • Pat yourself on the back; you’re not flying blind anymore.

Be on the lookout for posts on other resources you should be using to ensure your Magento store is attracting the right customers and growing your conversion rate.

If you need expert advice or help setting up your marketing strategy, our team is ready to help.

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