Striving for Success in eCommerce SEO

Take your search engine rankings up a notch with these trending strategies. This is the best time to focus on increasing the overall user experience and offer shoppers choices as to how they view and interact with your eCommerce store. Implementing these techniques will help your online business stay ahead of the competition.

Is Creating Long-Form, Quality Content Worth The Effort?

Product pages used to be short and sweet, with succinct descriptions, a few photos and maybe a couple customer reviews thrown in for good measure.

Today’s online consumer demands detailed descriptions that address any possible product question, professional product photos in addition to user-generated images and a substantial number of reviews from real customers. In fact, 94% of shoppers will abandon a site if they can’t find the information needed to make an informed purchase. Since they can’t touch and feel before they buy, offering this information helps seal the deal with inquisitive shoppers. At the same time, it also reduces the rate of returns.

Looking for more tips on getting customers to buy now? We recommend reading our article on How to Fine-Tune Checkout to Increase Order Value.

Search engines currently reward eCommerce stores with long-form, quality content by improving search ranking for those conforming to these new standards. Long-form content allows for better searchability among user-friendly, long-tail conversational phrases.

It might be more work up front to produce these comprehensive product pages, but rewards are reaped in multiple ways, including a bump in search engine rankings and a more educated customer, significantly increasing your conversion rate.

Social and Video

Build Social and Video Marketing into Your SEO Strategy

Social and video are both vital parts of a healthy marketing plan. We recommend taking the time to focus on building strategies for both.

Integrating Social Media

Shareability of content is key as social media usage has become an integral part of our culture. Get creative when and where you ask for shoppers to share a product to increase visibility in the social stratosphere. After a sale is complete, prompt customers to share their purchase with friends. Offer product videos that entertain and educate to encourage viewers push them out to their inner circle.

Continually offering unique content and engaging with customers individually on social media strengthens brand loyalty. Your brand thrive with an effective social media strategy and search engines will pick up on your popularity. Increased importance will be awarded with improved search ranking results for your eCommerce store and social media pages.

If you’re interested in reading more about social media marketing, The Social Side of Blogging is a great place to start.

Reaching Customers with Video-Based Content

Mobile video content consumption is growing by 100% every year so take advantage of this trend and integrate video into your eCommerce marketing plan. There are still many eCommerce retailers who aren’t taking video seriously enough to take action. Products marketed with videos have a 64% higher conversion rate, so the cost and effort video marketing requires is well worth while.

Video marketing can also help develop a richer search profile and boost rankings if videos are hosted on your site. If your goal is to reach a broader viewing audience, increase brand awareness and attract potential customers, then the YouTube powerhouse may be the way to go when uploading video content.
mobile optimization

Weighing The Impact of Mobile Optimization in eCommerce

The importance of optimizing your eCommerce store cannot be overstated, as 45% of total sales online in the U.S. are expected to come from mobile shoppers by 2020. Even while shopping at a brick and mortar location, 80% of shoppers have used their phones to compare prices and read reviews before solidifying their buying decision.

graph of mobile and tablet owners

If you haven’t read it yet, we recommend checking out our article on Taking Your Magento Store Mobile. It’s got some great information on responsive themes and helpful extensions.

Optimizing your eCommerce store for mobile users is also vital when trying to improve search rankings since Google gives preferences to sites that offer the best user experience across an array of devices. Responsive design ensures that no matter what device shoppers use, the experience is optimal, by automatically adjusting screen content and functionality.

Voice Search - eCommerce Strategies

Voice Search: Is This Emerging Trend Here to Stay?

Google reports that 41% of adults and over 50% of teens in the US used voice search on a daily basis in 2017. However, shopping with digital assistants has primarily been confined to reordering products already found using traditional search methods.

As technologies continue to improve, shopping with voice search will become integrated into our everyday lives. Nearly 50% of people with digital assistants already use voice search to research products. New users increase exponentially every year and digital assistants are expected to surpass the population by 2021 , which will create a major disruption in the eCommerce industry.

2021 Projected for Voice Assistants -- Chart

Digital assistants are rapidly becoming a savvy technology that adds luxury level convenience to consumers’ lives. Those shopping in multiple channels spend 1.5X-4X more than those just shopping through one channel alone, which makes reaching these ultra consumers using voice search that much more important. Including conversational colloquial phrasing into your content creation plan will ensure that your eCommerce store stays ahead of this trend and won’t be left behind as these technologies reach critical mass.

focusing on local search -- eCommerce Strategies

Why Focusing on Local Search Can Bring Big Results

As wearable tech continues to grow in popularity, so does the importance of optimizing local search results and geotargeting your customer base, even for eCommerce stores that sell worldwide. Additionally, the push to shop local can encourage those in your area to choose an eCommerce store headquartered nearby, instead of competitors elsewhere in the world. As the world of eCommerce becomes increasingly globalized, you can also inspire greater trust when you emphasize the personal and local aspects of your business.

If you are in a competitive eCommerce space, such as “custom jewelry”, you may not be able to easily compete nationwide or globally. Emphasizing content to focus on “custom jewelry in Seattle”, gives you a much better chance of capturing the attention of your local audience and a better shot at Google awarding your efforts with a first page listing.

If you have questions about how SEO works, our article Ecommerce SEO: Keeping Results After a Relaunch has a good rundown on the basics.

While global eCommerce stores are competing at a niche, local level, this is still a comparatively new approach, so there is ample room in many markets to focus on this strategy and reap rewards with relative ease.

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