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What makes our gears turn. Web development musings and pontifications from the team at coolblueweb.

Top Ten Epic CBW Wins of 2017!

Sarah Lofgren

2017 has been a crazy year, with lots of twists and turns. As we look forward to an exciting 2018, we’d like to celebrate our...

Why Patch? A Guide for Magento Users

Chase Woith

What is a Patch? “Patch” is software terminology for chunks of code installed on top of your software’s existing code in order to update the software...

How To Change Your Website Hosting

Emily Doherty

Switching hosting providers can be a complicated process. Before the process begins, there are many boxes to tick off, starting with selecting a new hosting...

Podcast Recommendations: What We’re Listening To Now

Sarah Lofgren

We’re big fans of podcasts here at the cbw offices and love taking advantage of the opportunity to gain a little extra knowledge and insight...

Striving for Success in eCommerce SEO


Take your search engine rankings up a notch with these trending strategies. This is the best time to focus on increasing the overall user experience...

What is a Staging Environment?

Emily Doherty

"Staging site", "development site" and "deployment environment". These are all different terms referencing the same thing. So, what is it? In the simplest of terms, a staging...

Spooktacular Halloween eCommerce Facts

Sarah Lofgren

Halloween is almost here! Carved pumpkins are popping up and candy is unavoidable. As the 4th largest and most popular holiday for online purchasing, Halloween...

WooCommerce Subscription Plugin: What You Need to Know

Bryan Littlefield

With the growth of subscription programs, WooCommerce store owners often wonder whether the WooCommerce Subscription Plugin will work for them, or if they need to...

#QuizACoder – Meet Howard!

Sarah Lofgren

We’re excited to announce the premier of our #QuizACoder series where we talk with coolblueweb devs and get insight on their hobbies and experiences, as...

11 Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales by Improving Checkout

Emily Doherty

Optimizing checkout ensures your customers receive a positive shopping experience and get through the cart to complete their sale. Streamlined design, functionality, and trust play...


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