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The Ultimate Guide to Magento 2 Reports (Updated)

Sarah Lofgren

One of the advantages of the Magento 2 platform is its extensive reporting capabilities. Magento 2 reports are detailed, versatile, and available for every aspect of...

How to Contact WooCommerce Support


Sean Flannigan

With any product, there will be a variety of questions. This is unavoidable. WooCommerce is no exception. While Automattic (the parent company of WooCommerce) has...

Making the Upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2 (Updated)

Sarah Lofgren

  What is Magento 2? Magento 2 launched in November 2015, creating a big splash in the eCommerce development community. It’s best not to think of Magento...

Trading Spaces, Maintaining Community

Matt Mattice

In November of this past year, coolblueweb packed up and left a large space with several private offices and meeting rooms. At that point, we...

Managing Seasonal Fluctuations in the Universe of eCommerce

Sarah Lofgren

It’s normal for eCommerce businesses to experience fluctuations throughout the year as the seasonal demand for their products and services expands and diminishes. For example:...

Winning at Valentine’s Day: eCommerce Strategies

Sarah Lofgren

A lot of people have a complicated relationship with Valentine's Day. It can be difficult knowing what gift to buy in the best of circumstances,...

HTTP vs HTTPS: Make The Switch Today [INFOGRAPHIC]

http vs https banner


From security to search engine ranking, from speed to customer trust, there is no reason for your website to remain on HTTP. None at all. Nada. Without HTTPS...

Top Ten Epic CBW Wins of 2017!

Sarah Lofgren

2017 has been a crazy year, with lots of twists and turns. As we look forward to an exciting 2018, we’d like to celebrate our...

Why Patch? A Guide for Magento Users

Chase Woith

What is a Patch? “Patch” is software terminology for chunks of code installed on top of your software’s existing code in order to update the software...

How To Change Your Website Hosting [INFOGRAPHIC]


Switching hosting providers can be a complicated process. Before the process begins, there are many boxes to tick off, starting with selecting a new hosting...


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