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21 Best eCommerce and Marketing Podcasts for 2018

Best eCommerce Marketing Podcasts

Sean Flannigan

There are more than 500,000 podcasts out there. While a big chunk of them exist purely for entertainment purposes, many of the best marketing podcasts...

31 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Make Your Store Hum

WooCommerce WordPress org

Sean Flannigan

WooCommerce plugins can add a great deal of speed, efficiency, and visual appeal to your online store. These qualities can make yours the store which...

HTTP vs HTTPS: Make The Switch Today [INFOGRAPHIC]

http vs https banner


From security to search engine ranking, from speed to customer trust, there is no reason for your website to remain on HTTP. None at all. Nada. Without HTTPS,...

Need WooCommerce Help? 12 Resources to Boost Your Online Store

woocommerce help computer image

Sean Flannigan

If you operate an online store, chances are you've heard of WooCommerce. Possibly you are using it already or flirting with the idea of switching....

The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce Widgets (Video)

Sean Flannigan

  In this WooCommerce tutorial, we'll walk through how to use and setup your WooCommerce widgets. These can be very powerful tools for making the customer...

WordPress User Roles & Capabilities for WooCommerce (Video)

Sean Flannigan

  Now, it is time to go over the Wordpress user roles and capabilities available when installing WooCommerce. See the video above for a comprehensive look...

Exploring the WooCommerce Menu (Video)

Sean Flannigan

  Let’s take a look at the WooCommerce menu items! In the video above, we explore the WooCommerce section of the Wordpress dashboard extensively. Starting from the...

How To Configure WooCommerce Settings (Video)

Sean Flannigan

  Let’s go over the configuration of the major WooCommerce settings. In this lesson, we’ll mainly cover where to find these settings and how to generally use...

Creating Promotions in Magento 2 with Cart Price Rules (Updated)

Sarah Lofgren

Smart online retailers know that creating promotions is a great way to garner customer loyalty and bring in return shoppers. Discounts can also be an...

Configuring Shipping Taxes in Magento 2 (UPDATED)

Sarah Lofgren

This post is specifically intended for store owners who sell taxable items online and ship via one of the common, United States shipping carriers.  Are...


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