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magento 2 migrate upgrade

Making the Upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2 (Updated)

This post has been updated to reflect Adobe's announcement regarding expiration of support for Magento 1 sites. Letting your site go stale is not an option...

By Sarah Lofgren

Magento, eCommerce Strategy

The coolblueweb Guide to Agile Methodology

There are numerous philosophies that guide how businesses approach big projects or ongoing improvements. Agile Methodology is one of many. The way they were doing things...

By Bryan Littlefield

Web Design, coolblueweb, Web Development, Process
starting subscription service - bath essentials image

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Subscription Service

While a subscription service isn’t the hot, new thing it once was, it can provide huge benefits to both customers and entrepreneurs. One of the...

By Sarah Lofgren

Marketing, eCommerce Strategy
shopify to magento migration

How to Migrate Your Shopify Store to Magento

Shopify and Magento are two of the most well-rounded and popular eCommerce platforms on the market today, with the former excelling in the middle ground...

By coolblueweb

Magento, Web Development
bank transfer woocommerce drive in banking sign

How Do Bank Transfers Work in WooCommerce?

Another method of payment available to stores in WooCommerce is the bank transfer. What is a Bank Transfer? Bank Transfer − also known as BACS or wire...

By Sean Flannigan

WooCommerce, Tutorial
checkout machine paypal on woocommerce

How Does PayPal Work on WooCommerce?

PayPal on WooCommerce Paypal is a great way to accept and make payments all over the web. Your online store is no exception. WooCommerce allows you to accept...

By Sean Flannigan

WooCommerce, Tutorial
stripe on woocommerce credit card payment

How Does Stripe Work on WooCommerce?

Stripe payments are ubiquitous across the web. Using Stripe on WooCommerce is easy and we can show you how to get it set up in...

By Sean Flannigan

WooCommerce, Tutorial
shipping insurance in woocommerce broken plate

Adding Shipping Insurance in WooCommerce

Let’s talk about offering optional shipping insurance in WooCommerce for your customers. Shipping Insurance in WooCommerce Shipping insurance is an optional feature you can add to WooCommerce....

By Sean Flannigan

WooCommerce, Tutorial
woocommerce local pickup shopping bags

How Does WooCommerce Local Pickup Work?

Time to go over the WooCommerce local pickup shipping method. This adds further complexity to your shipping offerings based on geographic rules you set up in...

By Sean Flannigan

WooCommerce, Tutorial
free shipping in woocommerce - usps truck

How Does Free Shipping Work in WooCommerce?

Let’s go over how to enable free shipping in WooCommerce. Free shipping is a method that can be used in conjunction with coupons or minimum purchase...

By Sean Flannigan

WooCommerce, Tutorial


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