Illuminating the Fluidigm Process
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An analytical company that develops instrumentation, reagents and consumables for biological research.
Technologies Combined

Fluidigm required a local design and development team with the skills to work within their entirely custom-built website and create a new application from scratch, as well as the knowledge to comprehend the complex biological process involved with their highly specialized instruments and field.

Material Dialogues

DVS developed and manufactures the CyTOP®, a singular instrument marketed to the biotech community. Our development team created a custom web application, the Panel Designer, to help researchers understand how different materials (or reagents) will interact with each other in the CyTOP®.

Tools for Discovery

Researchers can use the Panel Designer to map out their research and make decisions on whether to purchase reagents through DVS’s website.

Clear Pathways

The development process for Fluidigm’s custom application required open channels for communication, as well as plenty of face-to-face time to ensure we were able to accurately realize their vision for the project. In the end, we delivered a modern, clean and intuitive interface to help researchers quickly find the data they need and materials for purchase.

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