Keeping Your Writers on the Same Page


Once you’ve developed a voice for your company, it’s important to keep all your writers on the same page. Whether you’re planning on hiring freelancers or having one of your employees create blog entries, consistency is key.

Make a Guidebook

Just like you would create a style guide to demonstrate your company’s visual choices to any designer, it’s helpful to write a guide outlining the desired voice for all copy. Not only will this inform other writers, but it will also serve as a helpful reminder to you in the future.

Demonstrate the voice of your company throughout the guide, making it easy for readers to understand the tone you’re going for. Include snippets of copy from your website so that they can see it in action. If you’re pushing certain words or phrases, be certain to include that information. Checklists can be helpful, as well as screenshots.

Creating a guide may seem like a lot of work initially, but not only does it allow you to maintain a level of consistency, it also saves you a lot of time explaining your needs to each new writer you hire.

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