Landing Page Optimization


What is Landing Page Optimization? A landing page is where visitors go when they click on your link or ad.  When you optimize your landing page it  means finding the best format for converting as many of those ‘clicks’ into paying customers as possible. First impressions are important and it’s worth putting a little extra […]

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32 Point Website Checklist


Does your business have a website but you are unsure about its effectiveness? Do you suspect that it could be a better environment converting visitors into customers? There are countless ways to critique websites and identify areas in which they succeed and fail.  Below is a short list of website essentials to consider when creating […]

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Do You Have a Mobile Website?


In 2010 over 50% of America’s cell phone users have internet accessible mobile phones. Is your business’s website optimized to reach these mobile internet users? Mobile optimized websites make it easy for your market to reach out to your business when on the go. Instead of attempting to navigate the typical webpage that is ten […]

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What does your web design say about your business?


What does your website say about your business? Just like meeting someone in person, the first impression your website makes is extremely important. Your website will generally have less than 15 seconds to win over a potential customer, or they may decide to look elsewhere. Coolblueweb specializes in helping businesses optimize their websites, capture the […]

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