Choosing the Best WooCommerce Theme

featured-image-woo theme

With thousands of WordPress themes to choose from, it’s important to select one that is the right fit. While themes can be customized with alternate looks and functionality, starting with a high-quality theme will save a lot of time, money and energy. What to consider when selecting a theme Check WooCommerce Compatibility Not all WordPress […]

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Why Customers Spend More When a Store has a “Save for Later” Option


  coolblueweb Customer Experience Series Our Customer Experience Series applies user experience research and design methods to improving eCommerce sales. By focusing on the person shopping on their eCommerce store, owners can make continuous improvements to improve the shopping experience and increase sales numbers. The average abandoned cart rate is between 60%-80%1 for eCommerce stores. […]

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Top Tips to Take Better Product Photos


Product images on an eCommerce store can make the difference between a customer choosing to make a purchase or leaving a site. The human eye is drawn to photos and having the right style of images is vital. Customers often focus on images first, often more than other product-related text such as descriptions, and specifications. […]

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Powerpack: A Powerful New Tool for WooCommerce


With the recent release of Powerpack, personalizing the look and feel of WooCommerce just got much easier. A plugin built by the experts at WooCommerce, Powerpack lets store owners customize the appearance of their store without editing code. It also shows the changes live, in real time. And at only $59, this new plugin provides […]

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Magento Product Images: Everything You Wanted To Know


The importance of effective product photography can’t be overstated. When customers shop online, they generally experience a high level of convenience, but lose out on the tactile interaction provided by physical stores. Excellent product photography can change that. You want your images to be textured, detailed and evocative so customers feel they are getting a […]

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Supercharging your CTAs


CTA is web speak for Call to Action. What do CTAs do? They do exactly what they say they do – reach out to your customers and encourage them to act. Acting could mean filling out a survey, making a purchase, setting an appointment, downloading a manual, or sending a message via your contact form. […]

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Adding a Custom Favicon to Your Magento Store


Favicons are the small icons used to represent website and web pages in multiple locations. The word favicon is an abbreviation of “favorite icon”. Normally you’ll see favicons in: The URL in your browser’s address bar. A list of bookmarks next to a website’s name. The page title name in browsers that utilize tabbed browsing. […]

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Your Magento Home Page


Magento likens your home page to a shop window. A homepage can be a great way to show off your products, brand identity and, when done properly, entice customers to explore further. Many times the homepage is the most visited portion of a website. It’s the page your customers will remember after they’ve left and […]

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Watermarking Product Images in Magento


It’s frustrating to put in the time and expense of creating original imagery for your online store, only to have competitors swoop in and steal your images for their own websites. Adding watermarks in Photoshop can give you great results, but it can also take a lot of time, especially if you have lots of […]

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Taking Your Magento Store Mobile


There are a number of different studies and statistics on mobile usage, but a general estimate is that mobile shoppers now account for approximately 30% of visits to online stores and 15% of orders. This means it’s becoming increasingly likely your customers are viewing your Magento store on their mobile devices and tablets. If you […]

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