Dealing with 404s in Your Magento Store


It’s happened to everyone. You’re browsing the internet, trying to find a very specific item. Just as you’re about to land on the exact information you need, the dreaded 404 message appears. “Page not Found.” No! 404 error messages are most common with dynamic websites that change constantly. If they are starting to show up […]

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Are You Making this Common Marketing Mistake with Your Magento Store?


Aside from performance and operational issues, the biggest mistake you can make as a Magento store owner is not using marketing resources to guide your strategy, especially Google Analytics. Magento is one of the better eCommerce platforms available in terms of Search Engine Optimization. It handles a great deal of best practice optimizations out of […]

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Your Magento Home Page


Magento likens your home page to a shop window. A homepage can be a great way to show off your products, brand identity and, when done properly, entice customers to explore further. Many times the homepage is the most visited portion of a website. It’s the page your customers will remember after they’ve left and […]

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Drive Traffic to Your Magento Store with Blogger Outreach


You’ve heard the formula before: Optimize your website, create original content and then the traffic and sales will come pouring in. While ranking well in search engine results can help bring more potential customers to your website, focusing only on improving your rankings can distract you from your real goal of reaching potential customers when […]

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Seattle Business Owner: Jonathan Martin


The President and Founder of coolblueweb, Jonathan was born in California, but raised in the majestic city of Auburn, Washington. He graduated from the University of Washington with a business degree and currently resides in West Seattle with his wife and two daughters. When Jonathan started coolblueweb in 2009, he operated the business out of […]

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Why Seattle Businesses Should Think About Map Optimization


How many potential customers are in your own backyard? Even with the internet enabling people to buy and search products and services all over the world, many still purchase locally. Why? Comfort and security. People like to know that they can go visit the store or talk to the owner in person. That is why […]

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Facebook Advertising for Seattle eCommerce Businesses


Social networks have become more than a passing fad; they are vital to advertising your business.  We at coolblueweb know how to navigate and strategize your ads to yield top results in the fastest growing advertising platform: Facebook. Most people know Facebook. But do you know that, Facebook is a site that millions of people […]

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Encourage Positive Customer Reviews


Getting online customer reviews can make or break a business. By implementing a plan to increase customer reviews, you will be able to identify your most satisfied clients and direct them to sites to share their positive experience with potential customers. Encourage Positive Customer Reviews Email: Send an email thanking your customer for their business and […]

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How To Think About Local SEO


Local internet marketing has taken over the market share once owned by the phone book companies. Internet search engines were great at providing relevant results for websites, but what about companies that may not have a website? Where could you find information about your local teriyaki restaurant or nail salon? Until search engines started providing […]

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What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing?


Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) is just like it sounds; you are only charged when a customer decides that your ad is what they are looking for and visits your website. Pay-per-click marketing allows your business to advertise in the “Sponsored Links” section listed on the top and side bars of the most popular search engines including Google […]

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