All About Magento Polls


Polls are a great way to make your website interactive and to communicate with your customers in a fun and engaging way. Polls don’t take up very much room on your pages and the results are displayed immediately after a customer submits their answer. Need further help in polling your customers?  Visit our Magento page […]

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Managing Your Customers with Magento


Here you will learn all the ins and outs of managing the customers in your Magento store. Having a list of registered customers, as opposed to a stream of guests, will benefit your business in big ways. Utilizing your pool of registered customers can help you build a base of returning visitors who are loyal […]

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Creating a Promotion in Magento (Shopping Cart Price Rules)


Smart online retailers know that utilizing the power of promotions is a great way to keep customers coming back again and again. Discounts can also be an effective way of rewarding existing customers, especially if you’ve built in a method of broadcasting and promoting that will help drive people to your site. Not only do […]

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Coolblueweb: Magento Partner


Coolblueweb is pleased to announce that our company has achieved the coveted status of Magento Bronze Solution Partner for the second year in a row. Why not choose a Silver or Gold Partnership? The majority of Magento development work we do is on the Community Edition.  We specialize in making the Community Edition of Magento […]

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How to Manage Your Categories in Magento


Here you will find everything you need to know about organizing the categories within your Magento store. Having clear categories in a logical progression will ensure that your customers are able to easily navigate your store and find the products that best meet their needs. Also, keeping your categories up-to-date is an important component in […]

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Adding Products to Your Magento Catalog


You don’t need a developer to keep your online store updated with new products. Keeping your e-commerce site fresh and constantly evolving is one of the keys to holding the long-term interest of your customers. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to add items to your Magento catalog. Go to Magento Admin Panel […]

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Creating a Newsletter in Magento


Why utilize the newsletter functionality in your Magento store? Well, if you can offer relevant content in addition to exciting promotions and rewards, you’ll be able to build customer loyalty in a way that boosts conversion and helps generate excitement for your store. More and more, marketers are finding that electronic newsletters are an effective, […]

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3 Steps to Build a Better Ecommerce Business


Although no two businesses are the same, through our experience and education we have uncovered three key elements to building a successful ecommerce website: 1. Create Clear Messages Visitors to your site should know what you are offering within 3 seconds on landing on your site or they may decide to look elsewhere. The internet […]

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