Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Magento Reports – Part One


One of the advantages of the Magento platform is the extensive reporting available for every aspect of your store. Reports are detailed and versatile and Magento allows you to export them as a CSV or Excel XML file for easy organizing, printing and distribution (use the dropdown menu on the upper right portion of each […]

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Drive Traffic to Your Magento Store with Blogger Outreach


You’ve heard the formula before: Optimize your website, create original content and then the traffic and sales will come pouring in. While ranking well in search engine results can help bring more potential customers to your website, focusing only on improving your rankings can distract you from your real goal of reaching potential customers when […]

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Watermarking Product Images in Magento


It’s frustrating to put in the time and expense of creating original imagery for your online store, only to have competitors swoop in and steal your images for their own websites. Adding watermarks in Photoshop can give you great results, but it can also take a lot of time, especially if you have lots of […]

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Configuring Shipping Taxes in Magento


This post is specifically intended for store owners who sell taxable items online and ship via one of the common, United States shipping carriers.  Are you looking for additional assistance with your shipping taxes?  Let us do the work!  Check out our Magento page! It’s a question frequently asked amongst eCommerce store owners: “Do I include tax […]

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Taking Your Magento Store Mobile


There are a number of different studies and statistics on mobile usage, but a general estimate is that mobile shoppers now account for approximately 30% of visits to online stores and 15% of orders. This means it’s becoming increasingly likely your customers are viewing your Magento store on their mobile devices and tablets. If you […]

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Personalizing Your Email Templates with Magento


Magento gives you the option to automatically keep in touch with your customers when they undergo certain activities within your site, such as subscribing to newsletters or creating an account. Personalizing your email templates is a great way to maintain the voice of your brand and take control of the way your store interacts with […]

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Adding a CMS Page to Your Magento Store


CMS (Content Management System) Pages are the static pages on your e-commerce store. Normally they include the Homepage, About Us, Terms and Conditions, etc. Each page possesses its own URL address and can be managed through the back end of your Magneto store. Looking for more hands on assistance with CMS pages?  We can help!  Check […]

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Product Reviews and Ratings in Magento


Your customers place a lot of value in the opinions and experiences of their fellow consumers. Positive testimonials from satisfied customers will add to your products’ perceived value and encourage future shoppers to make a purchase. If you’re looking to harness the power of consumer reviews for your e-commerce site, read on!  If you are […]

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Adding an Admin User to your Magento Account


One of the great things about Magento is that it gives you the option to add multiple users to your account, each with specific permissions related to their role within your company. You can limit or broaden the access of your users as much as you like in order to meet the specific security needs […]

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Utilizing Magento’s Search Terms


If you have a store catalog with a fair amount of products, it’s beneficial for you to check out your search terms from time to time. Search terms let you know what the customers browsing your store are looking for. The search field allows them to take control of your site. Providing immediate answers to […]

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