Payment Options with Magento (Community Edition)


The current edition of Magento offers a variety of payment options, which means you have the ability to offer your customers a flexible range of choices when they reach the checkout page on your store. Some of the payment options are integrated through popular gateways PayPal Payflow Pro and These gateways allow you to […]

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Inventory Management for Your Magento Store


Magento offers a range of solutions for keeping track of your inventory and connecting information on product stock to your catalog. If you don’t want to use the tools available for managing your stock, then you can disable inventory management within the system. However, if you want to keep track of your stock, the options […]

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5 Easy Ways to Make Magento Faster


Because Magento is a heavy e-commerce CMS system, it can run a bit slow from time to time, especially if you haven’t optimized your store. There are a number of simple things you can do to get your page load speeds up. 1. Enable Flat Catalog Flattening your catalog should help with page load speeds. […]

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Increase Conversions with Related Products, Cross-sells and Up-sells in Magento


Updated 11/7/2016: The information in this article is accurate through Magento 1.9. Magento 2 performs these actions differently. Please contact us for questions. The Magento platform provides store owners with multiple ways to promote their products. Visitors to your website might look for one, specific item, or they might want to explore your entire catalog. Either way, […]

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Magento2 Meetup Notes


Included below are Jonathan’s notes from our Magento2 meetup where we went through expectations for the big Magento2 release. The event was hosted by coolblueweb and brought in developers from across Seattle to share beer and ideas. It was great hanging out with other Magento enthusiasts! Magento2 Release Calendar March 2015: Developer Beta September 2015: […]

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Managing Timezones in Magento


Setting your store’s time zone can be confusing, especially if you’re running multiple websites in multiple time zones. Why is having the correct timezone important? Though they aren’t shown often on the front end, timezones will effect promotions (for example: if you’re using limited time offers) and send times for newsletters. They also make sure […]

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Importing Products with Dataflow Profiles: The Basics


One of the most useful and challenging elements of Magento’s admin panel is the Import/Export section. Here we can import and export customer and products en masse via CSV instead of having to enter them one by one. However, the process of importing products remains notoriously opaque with very few reliable sources describing exactly how […]

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Combining the Power of Keywords with your Magento Store


You’ve heard over and over again about the importance of keywords in determining search results. But, with so much conflicting information out there and Google changing their search algorithm all the time, knowing where to start can be confusing. There are three important elements to consider when deciding where to put your keywords in a […]

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Adding a Custom Favicon to Your Magento Store


Favicons are the small icons used to represent website and web pages in multiple locations. The word favicon is an abbreviation of “favorite icon”. Normally you’ll see favicons in: The URL in your browser’s address bar. A list of bookmarks next to a website’s name. The page title name in browsers that utilize tabbed browsing. […]

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Dealing with 404s in Your Magento Store


It’s happened to everyone. You’re browsing the internet, trying to find a very specific item. Just as you’re about to land on the exact information you need, the dreaded 404 message appears. “Page not Found.” No! 404 error messages are most common with dynamic websites that change constantly. If they are starting to show up […]

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