How to Upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2


Magneto stores have complex customizations. The time and work needed to upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2 can vary from store to store. In essence though, each upgrade will follow these essentials steps. If you’re considering making the move with your store, we can help. Just email to learn more. Sarah Sarah has […]

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How to Fine-Tune Checkout to Increase Order Value


  coolblueweb Customer Experience Series Our Customer Experience Series applies user experience research and design methods to improving eCommerce sales. By focusing on the person shopping on their eCommerce store, owners can make continuous improvements to improve the shopping experience and increase sales numbers. The Business Goal: Increase Average Order Value For many years, online […]

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5 eCommerce Trends to Expect in 2017


ECommerce is an evolving marketplace. As online shoppers become savvier and the marketplace becomes even more competitive, it’s important for merchants to understand what their customers will expect as they shop online. Customization Getting the right advertisements seen by the right people was a major focal point in 2016. Personalization of the browsing experience will […]

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Three Keys to Maximizing Store Growth by Breaking Brick and Mortar Rules


Today’s consumers make a greater number of online purchases than ever before. A survey of 5,300 consumers by the United Postal Service and measurement company comScore found that online shoppers made 51% of their purchases online (excluding groceries) in 2016. That number is up from 48% in the 2015 study (UPS Study). With so many […]

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Magento Product Images


The importance of effective product photography can’t be overstated. When customers shop online, they generally experience a high level of convenience, but lose out on the tactile interaction provided by physical stores. Excellent product photography can change that. You want your images to be textured, detailed and evocative so customers feel they are getting a […]

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Payment Options with Magento (Community Edition)


The current edition of Magento offers a variety of payment options, which means you have the ability to offer your customers a flexible range of choices when they reach the checkout page on your store. Some of the payment options are integrated through popular gateways PayPal Payflow Pro and These gateways allow you to […]

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Inventory Management for Your Magento Store


Magento offers a range of solutions for keeping track of your inventory and connecting information on product stock to your catalog. If you don’t want to use the tools available for managing your stock, then you can disable inventory management within the system. However, if you want to keep track of your stock, the options […]

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5 Easy Ways to Make Magento Faster


Because Magento is a heavy e-commerce CMS system, it can run a bit slow from time to time, especially if you haven’t optimized your store. There are a number of simple things you can do to get your page load speeds up. 1. Enable Flat Catalog Flattening your catalog should help with page load speeds. […]

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