#QuizACoder – Meet Howard!

#QuizACoder Image - Interview with Howard

We’re excited to announce the premier of our #QuizACoder series where we talk with coolblueweb devs and get insight on their hobbies and experiences, as well as any advice they have for eCommerce companies or aspiring developers. This series will be a great way to get to know our coders on a deeper (and occasionally […]

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coolblueweb Listed as a Top Web Developer in Seattle!


Web development and ecommerce platforms are our specialties and we take pride in the Magento, WordPress and custom development projects we deliver. That is why it is with great pleasure we announce that coolblueweb has been ranked as one of the top three web developers in Seattle by Clutch. Clutch is a ratings and reviews […]

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Developers and Dragons: Slaying Bugbears with Agile Workflow


The hulking bugbear brought down his maul a final time, dashing the head of the party’s last-best hope against the jagged wall of the cavern. The blood-soaked brute stood gloating over the rapidly expiring half-orc Stump, as the wily ranger Dukes Nightpipes (taking the only sensible course of action) bolted for safety. The grey dwarf […]

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Announcing Our New ShipStation Partnership


coolblueweb is excited to share that we’re now partnering with ShipStation to offer our clients a more comprehensive range of shipping options. “Our clients have been telling us great things about ShipStation for years.” – Jonathan Martin, coolblueweb President and Founder In Spring 2017, one of our clients, an eCommerce business owner who sells bath […]

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Top Conferences for Developers


If you’re interested in the tech world, it’s important to stay on top of changes in the field and take advantage of opportunities to grow. A great way to do this is by attending some of the great conferences available to developers. Here’s a quick roundup of our top three conferences for those interested in technology […]

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Our Amazing Clients – Funko Pop


At coolblueweb we’re very passionate about the work we do for our clients. What makes our days especially exciting is when we get to work with clients who create amazing products we can brag about to our families and friends. If you walk into the coolblue office, one of the first things you’ll notice is […]

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Camano Island Coffee Roasters: Have We Mentioned that our Clients are Awesome?


Here at coolblueweb, we’re pretty proud to announce that we have some of the coolest clients in the business. They’re smart, they’re driven and, every once in a while, they send us something amazing. Check out what arrived at the coolblueweb office yesterday: Camano Island Coffee Roasters sell delicious, ethically-produced coffee via a subscription model. […]

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Coolblueweb makes our Vistage Executive Summit Debut!


Vistage is a well-respected leadership coaching and peer advisory group with branches across the US. Their conferences offer ample resources and inspiration for CEOs and Executives, offering them with support and assistance in clarifying their greater visions. The coolblueweb team was honored to make our first appearance with a booth at the Vistage Executive Summit […]

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What’s New in Laravel 5


We held a Meetup at the office last week for local developers to get together and explore new options available in Laravel 5. I’ve included our head developer’s (Michael’s) notes from our meeting below, so you can also take a peek into what’s coming up with this release.  Looking for more information about our Laravel […]

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