A Review of eCommerce SEO Strategies in 2017

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Take your search engine rankings up a notch with these trending strategies. This is the best time to, focus on increasing the overall user experience and offer shoppers choices as to how they view and interact with your eCommerce store. Implementing these techniques will help your online business stay ahead of the competition. Is Creating […]

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What is a Staging Environment?


“Staging site”, “development site” and “deployment environment”. These are all different terms referencing the same thing. So, what is it? In the simplest of terms, a staging environment is a clone of your website. This allows you and/or your web developers to make and test changes before implementing those changes on your live website. Whether […]

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Spooktacular Halloween eCommerce Facts


Halloween is almost here! Carved pumpkins are popping up and candy is unavoidable. As the 4th largest and most popular holiday for online purchasing, Halloween is continuing its trend as a big revenue builder for eCommerce businesses, with no signs of slowing down. 2016 reported $8.4 billion, with 2017 slated to hit an all-time record of […]

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WooCommerce Subscription Plugin: What You Need to Know

Subscription Plugin Help

With the growth of subscription programs, WooCommerce store owners often wonder whether the WooCommerce Subscription Plugin will work for them, or if they need to go to the extra effort of building a custom subscription program. Each subscription model is a little different, so the answer to this question varies depending on the specifications of […]

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#QuizACoder – Meet Howard!

#QuizACoder Image - Interview with Howard

We’re excited to announce the premier of our #QuizACoder series where we talk with coolblueweb devs and get insight on their hobbies and experiences, as well as any advice they have for eCommerce companies or aspiring developers. This series will be a great way to get to know our coders on a deeper (and occasionally […]

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11 Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales by Improving Checkout

Checkout and Conversion

Optimizing checkout ensures your customers receive a positive shopping experience and get through the cart to complete their sale. Streamlined design, functionality, and trust play a huge role in making sure shoppers don’t abandon their carts and take their business elsewhere. A whopping 68% of eCommerce consumers abandon their carts on average and this actionable […]

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coolblueweb Listed as a Top Web Developer in Seattle!


Web development and ecommerce platforms are our specialties and we take pride in the Magento, WordPress and custom development projects we deliver. That is why it is with great pleasure we announce that coolblueweb has been ranked as one of the top three web developers in Seattle by Clutch. Clutch is a ratings and reviews […]

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3 Tips for Successful Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

We are going to kick off a set of tips for optimizing the conversion rate of an eCommerce store. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is not a one size fits all process; what works for one audience may not work for another, so each of these tips should be taken with a grain of salt. Also […]

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Ecommerce SEO: Keeping Results After a Relaunch

Launching Website and Keep SEO

For most companies, having great eCommerce SEO (search engine optimization) is an important component of their traffic plan. Launching a brand-new site is different than launching a rebuild. Both have the same core principles, but with a relaunch it’s vital that store owners retain any positive rankings earned by the previous site. The last thing […]

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